Hold Higher-Ups Accountable With Directors & Officers Insurance

Every Member of Your Organization is Accountable for Your Business’s Success

Unless you’re a sole owner and operator, you understand how running a business is a big team effort. No matter how many people go into making your business successful, the directors and/or c-suite officers are extremely crucial components. As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That responsibility also comes with a lot of liability. If legal action is brought against a director or officer, who takes the financial blow?


Your business does.


That’s why at Miller’s Insurance, we want to protect you from potential legal blowback by helping you find directors & officers liability insurance.


What is Directors & Officers Insurance?

Directors & officers liability insurance (also known as D&O) is insurance that protects a corporation from personal liabilities of its directors and officers. Coverage extends to defense costs, damages, and other legal costs that may arise from legal action for wrongful acts brought against D&O’s. Because of their nature, D&O policies are only reserved for publicly traded companies. However, like E&O insurance, D&O does not cover illegal acts.

Contact Miller Insurance for a D&O Policy That Fits Your Company’s Needs

If you work for or own a company that is headed by directors and/or c-suite officers, your business deserves to be protected from their liabilities. When you’re ready to get the best directors & officers insurance for your business, contact Miller Insurance Agency at (936) 825-6789 for your FREE quote.

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